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  • "I gave a military oath to protect and preserve my country against enemies either foreign or domestic. The Muslim Brotherhood has a stated goal of destroying us from within and is affiliated with too many violent Jihadist groups around the world to be able to list.  Their creed is 'Allah is our objective.  The prophet Muhammad is our leader. Quran our law. Jihad our Way.  Dying for Allah is our highest hope. ' And they have stated that they are willing to use and/or threaten violence if/when necessary."

     By: Sharon Kowalski

  • "Someone must be held accountable for continuing to allow a Muslim Brotherhood affiliated group to operate freely on our college campuses. This must end."

    By: Robert Eldredge

  • Being an American Military Veteran of World War Two, and former teacher of world history, and founder/president of Friends of the Peace Corps, I see the need to identify and stop activities of our enemies including the MSA in our schools and communities. Our leaders need factual information about MSA in order to close down such activities.

    By: J.Ralph Otte

  • "I do not believe the Muslim Students Association should be allowed on our public campuses to promote an anti American and anti women‘s rights agenda."

    By: Carol Joyal

  • I believe that the Muslim Students Association (MSA) is a subset of the Muslim Brotherhood and has the same objectives as the brotherhood -- to subjugate our population to Islam, and to replace our laws and U.S. Constitution with Islamic (Sharia) Law. Sharia law and our Constitution are mutually exclusive and both cannot exist at the same time. We do not want to live under an oppressive set of laws that are contained within the Sharia. As elected officials, it is imperative that you educate yourself about the dangers of Sharia Law, the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim Students Association to our national security.

    By: Lyle McCurdy, Ph.D

  • I have been following the trouble caused Europe by militant Muslims. I would like to make sure the same problems do not happen here.

    By: Jack Dougherty

  • The MSA is advancing the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood to implement "A kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and 'sabotaging' its miserable house by their hands...so that...[Allah's] religion [Islam] is made victorious over all other religions." The history of Islam demonstrates its imperial, supremacist and intolerant nature. The ideological framework of Islam and its law, the Sharia, are incompatible with the US Constitution and freedom-loving people. Please STOP the Islamic infiltration of our schools and culture.

    By: Carol Washington

  • It has been my personal observations that the MSA sole purpose is to further the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood. They want to see the US Constitution replaced with Shariah in the United States. If this means through violence, they appear to be ready to act in this manner.

    By: Steve Amundson

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